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1 NEW - Strategic Planning Basics
This brief two page handout includes information about: The Role of Strategic Planning; The Role of the Board in Strategic Planning; The 4 Basic Objectives of the Strategic Planning Process; General Steps in the Strategic Planning Process and; Useful (Field-Tested) Suggestions for Effective Strategic Planning.
2 Action Oriented Strategy
Strategy is about more than just planning. It's about taking purposeful and focused ACTION towards specific goals. If you're interested in becoming more strategic as a leader or organization, read about the 4 components of action-oriented strategy here...
3 13 Questions for Strategic Planning 2008
Asking the right questions is the first step in finding the right solutions. These 13 questions work! Use them in your strategic planning. Just one thing...the most important question for any leader has been left out. Can you guess what it is? (Stay tuned!)
4 Strategic Issues for Organizations
Start your organization on the path towards a strategic approach by looking at your organization from the perspective of the “social entrepreneur”. Consider these strategic issues as your starting point…
5 Special e-Bulletin - Lessons from a Dragon
Kevin O'Leary (of Dragon's Den fame) was in Winnipeg recently and I got the chance to ask him to share his best three tips for entrepreneurs or anyone trying to pitch an idea.
6 The Strategic Planning Process
Strategic planning is a discipline that is learned and improved upon over time. The process involves 5 basic, inter-related steps which are outlined in this short article.